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LEAD - Resilience Thinking, Exponential Technologies and Sustainable Leadership Programme

LEAD was a leadership programme designed to make participants think deeper and differently on technology shifts, innovation processes and sustainable development. The four month long LEAD programme was a joint initiative between the Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University) and the Swedish Institute.

Organized as a four-month ‘intelligence brief’, LEAD was created to operate as an iterative prototyping and learning process that included lectures, workshops, discussions and presentations. The programme presented the current reality of global environmental change and linked it with the latest insights on artificial intelligence, sensor networks, robotics, machine learning and other aspects of exponential technologies. This provided an unique knowledge base and learning environment for developing innovative and sustainable ideas.


Johan Rockström (Director Stockholm Resilience Centre), Kathryn Myronuk (Singularity University), David Mcconville (Chair Buckminster Fuller Institute), Hoa Ly (Psykologifabriken),  David Shearer (Skytruth, Full Circle Biochar), Nathaniel Calhoun (Singularity University), Darlene Damm (Ashoka), Sarah Cornell (Planetary Boundaries), Victor Galaz (The Anthropocene Gap), Thomas Elmqvist (Future Hearth), among many others...


The programme was developed together with Maja Brisvall and Per Olsson.

Stokcholm Resilience Centre: Victor Galaz, Fredrik Moberg, Marika Haeggman and Andrew Merrie. Logistics: Aliaksandr Mazurkin.

Swedish Institute: Petra Gråberg and Alexandra Selivanova.

Photos Module 1, Module 3 and video: Clément Morin, Photos Module 2: Kristina Õllek.

More information on the LEAD Programme here and here.

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