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FRAMES Memory - Portuguese Film Festival

Memory is the theme for the second edition of FRAMES-Portuguese Film Festival. FRAMES, that I am directing together with Carlos Pereira, will take place between the 24st to the 29th of November in Filmhuset, Stockholm and will have an extension in Gothenburg between the 4th and the 6th of December.

The festival will premiere with the latest film from the Portuguese-Swedish director Solveig Norlund: Mitt Andra Land. Solveig Norlund will also talk and introduce her film that premieres in Sweden. The opening of the film festival will kickoff with and exciting live concert (ghost revolution) from the pianist Filipe Raposo that will be improvising together with the illustrator António Jorge Gonçalves.

With a luxurious program, this year’s FRAMES festival will also feature the award winning film “Tabu” from Miguel Gomes and the insightful film “48” from Susana de Sousa Dias whom will also be a guest at the festival. 

Check the programme for this year festival and save the date!

Programme - Stockholm

Monday 24th November - Filmhuset

18:00 O MEU OUTRO PAÍS/ MITT ANDRA LAND (Solveig Nordlund, Documentary, 55 min, 2014)

Tuesday 25th November - Filmhuset

18:00 ALICE (Marco Martins, Fiction, 102 min, 2005)

Wednesday 26th November - Filmhuset

18:00 E AGORA? LEMBRA-ME/ WHAT NOW? REMIND ME (Joaquim Pinto, Documentary, 164 min, 2013)

Thursday 27th November - Filmhuset

18:00 AMANHÃ/ TOMORROW (Solveig Nordlund, Fiction, 15 min, 2006)

18:30 LINHA VERMELHA/ RED LINE (José Filipe Costa, Documentary, 80 min, 2011)

Friday 28th November - Filmhuset

18:00 TABU (Miguel Gomes, Fiction, 118 min, 2012)

Saturday 29th November - Filmhuset

10:00 FRAMES Kids

Taking place in Lusitânia APE, Hagalundsvägen 35BV, Solna.

16:30 48 (Susana de Sousa Dias, Documentary, 93 min, 2009)


Carlos Pereira, David Oliveira, Mariana Vidal, André Spencer, Filipa Sampaio, Filipe Raposo, Ana Sofia Martins, João Melim, Catarina Coutinho Ferreira, Vera Guita and Paula Costa.



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