Fernanda Torre

Speculative Futures Sthlm in Internetdagarna

Last November, I was presenting with Paul Lequay the work of the Stockholm Speculative Futures Chapter on the Future of Privacy.  We talked about the challenges we face when it comes to mass-surveillance, privacy and data management, by building possible futures for Stockholm in 2040. These possible futures where build collaboratively between the entire Stockholm Speculative Futures, including Trieuvy Luu, Marie Louise Juul S√łndergaard and Lorenzo Davoli, with the support from Martina Eriksson and Johan Hammarlund.

Stockholm Speculative Futures Chapter is composed by a group of designers, futurist and innovators that organize a regular Meetup where future speculation is debated.

Read more about the Stockholm Speculative Futures Chapter here: https://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-Speculative-Futures-Chapter and https://medium.com/speculative-futures-stockholm

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