Fernanda Torre

The Swedish Disruption dilema: Insurtech and Direct Insurers

On the 11th of February, I moderated a panel on the Sthlm Fintech Week around the challenges in Insurthech in Sweden. The discussion was lively and many great points were made, my key learnings are the need to build more bridges between insurance incumbents and startups, translate the experts in insurance towards entrepreneurs and, finally, invest in process innovation!

The path for innovation is covered with wicked challenges from identifying which customers to target, to how to cooperate with established incumbents. In reference and memoriam to the work of the innovation guru Clayton Christensen, this panel discussed the signals of change in the insurtech industry, maped the competitive head-to-head battles between startups and incumbents, and explored the strategic decisions that Sweden could take to increase the ultimate chances of insurtech success.

Participants: Gabriella Engstrand, Saman Jabbari, Ivana von Proschwitz, Emanuel Badehi Kullander, and P-A Foxberg. Organization by Michal Gromek. 

Read more at: https://sthlmfintechweek.com/speaker/fernanda-torre/

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