Fernanda Torre

Sustainability in Fashion Hackathon

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of March 2020, I had the pleasure to facilitate a hackathon to address sustainability in the fashion industry in Portugal, a project developed for Moda Lisboa. A hackathon is a design sprint event where different players and stakeholders come together to address a specific challenge.

The Moda Lisboa hackathon run for a weekend where twelve relevant talents in fashion in Portugal came together to ideate on the chosen four main areas of development within sustainability: technology, production, consumerism, and patrimony. 

The hackathon was designed and facilitated by me, and run in the Checkpoint section of Moda Lisboa, coordinated by Graziela Sousa. The hackathon participants where:  

Diogo Morais Oliveira | Copyright Law, Rita Cortes Valente | Ethical Designer, Ana Costa | Catalyst, Vanda Jorge | Ecoolhunter By Jonal ECO, Pedro Noronha Feio | Os Capelistas Design Studio, António Vasconcelos | Planetiers + The Natural Step, João Meneses | BCSD Portugal, Sandra Dias | Terramotto, Joana Lacerda | Power House Group + OFundamentO, Patrícia Domingues | PR Fashion and Beauty Account, Inês Veiga | Investigadora + Social Designer and Lívia Pinent | Fashion Designer

Read more at:https://www.modalisboa.pt/pt/checkpoint/modalisboaawake and  https://eco.sapo.pt/2020/03/11/futuro-da-moda-e-coolaborativo/

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