Fernanda Torre

Design Thinking at Ericsson

Last Thursday, the 26th of September 2019, I had the honor of giving an inspiring talk on innovation and a Design Thinking workshop to the Marketing and Communications team from Business Area Technologies and Emerging Businesses (BTEB) at Ericsson.

The talk was focussed on what are the main aspects of design thinking that contribute to an excellent innovation management culture. The workshop was a crash course on Design Thinking, using the double diamond model. As a final presentation, the participants had to bodystorm their ideas for the proposed challenge. 


"Here is a great way of making the process of creativity and exploration productive. Most if not all businesses are looking for new revenues, reducing cost, and improving customer experience. For Ericsson and our customers that is absolutely the case. We had the pleasure of having Fernanda Torre from Stockholm School of Economics host a workshop on Design Thinking and applying the DoubleDiamond model. The team really enjoyed it and more importantly, it inspired new ideas that usually don't come to surface in our day to day processes. If you haven't already used these tools, give it a try, you won't regret you did. Thank you Fernanda for widening our perspective and sharing your knowledge with us."

Behdad Banian - CMO, Emerging Tech and New Businesses at Ericsson

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