Fernanda Torre

Speculative Futures Sthlm in Internetdagarna

Last November, I was presenting with Paul Lequay the work of the Stockholm Speculative Futures Chapter on the Future of Privacy.  We talked about the challenges we face when it comes to mass-surveillance, privacy and data management, by building possible futures for Stockholm in 2040. These possible futures where build collaboratively between the entire Stockholm Speculative Futures, including Trieuvy Luu, Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard and Lorenzo Davoli, with the support from Martina Eriksson and Johan Hammarlund.

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Rapid Learning Cycles in Stockholm

For the first time the author of Rapid Learning Cycles methodology, Katherine Radeka, was presenting her work and methodology in Stockholm, in an event organized by me with support from FCG.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is a synthesis of Agile software practices that is tailored for physical products. My top lessons learned from the event: #1 pull innovation and don’t push it, #2 postpone key-decisions as much as possible & #3 build on your existing knowledge!

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Sustainability in Fashion Hackathon

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of March 2020, I had the pleasure to facilitate a hackathon to address sustainability in the fashion industry in Portugal, a project developed for Moda Lisboa. A hackathon is a design sprint event where different players and stakeholders come together to address a specific challenge.

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The Swedish Disruption dilema: Insurtech and Direct Insurers

On the 11th of February, I moderated a panel on the Sthlm Fintech Week around the challenges in Insurthech in Sweden. The discussion was lively and many great points were made, my key learnings are the need to build more bridges between insurance incumbents and startups, translate the experts in insurance towards entrepreneurs and, finally, invest in process innovation!

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Book chapter: AI leadership and the future of corporate governance

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the book chapter of which I am the principal author “AI leadership and the future of corporate governance: changing demands for board competence” is now published! This chapter is part of the book “The Digital Transformation of Labor (Open Access) Automation, the Gig Economy and Welfare“, edited by Anthony Larsson and Robin Teigland and published by Routledge and was developed under the research project 4boards.ai.

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