Fernanda Torre

Algorithms increasingly permeate all aspects of modern life and are transforming the way we humans interact with non-human species and the biosphere. In this manifesto, we gathered a small group of thinkers and doers – scholars, programmers, artists, entrepreneurs, game developers and others – to explore these possible principles for the development of algorithms that helps us protect and strengthen our ecosystems, and improve our creative capacities to sustain human well-being in an uncertain future. They are applicable to programmers, hackers, software companies, computer scientists, artists, designers, policy-makers and others taking active part of the algorithm revolution.

The Biosphere Code Manifesto in The Guardian


 Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature), Peter Svensson (Evothings), Robin Teigland (Stockholm School of Economics), Palle Dahlstedt (Chalmers University of Technology), Daniel Hassan (Robin Hood Coop), Maja Brisvall (Quantified Planet), Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute), Ann-Sofie Sydow () and Andrew Merrie (Stockholm Resilience Center).


The project was developed together with Victor Galaz (Stockholm Resilience Center) and Fredrik Moberg (Albaeco).

The Biosphere Code website.

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