Fernanda Torre

Communication Design

Communication design is the practice of planning and shaping a message in content, form and delivery. Communication design crafts effective and expressive ways to share ideas and messages with others, using an approach focusing on both problem-solving and persuasion.

Communication Design encompasses corporate identities, publication design, illustration, web design, branding, advertising, type design, information design, motion graphics and video.

Corporate identity & Logo

A corporate identity is the overall image of a corporation or firm or business and rendered in different mediums.

Case in Point: the identity for the Karolinska Institute’s Centre for Gender Medicine is based on traditional gender symbols (circle with arrow and circle with plus) transformed to a dynamic circular shape as to suggest the collaboration and exchange between the genders.


An illustration is a visualization or representation.

Case in point: the Red Dot award winning design to the Swedish jazz band Odd Jobb, developed while working in Gabor Palotai Design.

Publication design


Editorial design or publication design is the design of a publication, for example a book, a magazine, etc.

Case in point: the publication [up]arte was developed from conception to print by me and the [up]arte team.The publication had different guest contributions and events, developed around the idea that art is, in many ways like playing black pieces in chess (i.e. playing as a reaction after the move of white pieces).

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